Methodological Approach Energy Savings Insurance (ESI):
Transparent Energy Savings

SPEAKER(S): Adalberto Padilla and Javier Ortega

DATE: 05/05/2017

TIME: 11:00 AM UTC-02 (Brasilia Summer Time – BRST)

TOPICS: ESI, energy efficiency, MRV, NDBs, green finance




Energy plays a fundamental role in the economic performance of any company and its efficient use represents an opportunity for Small and medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to strengthen their production processes, increase their competitiveness, promote their modernization, save money and have a positive impact in the environment.

One of the main challenges of energy efficiency (EE) projects is to be able to determine the amount of energy savings that a computer or system has generated after an intervention of a project of this type. There are many approaches, from the very simple ones that suffer from imprecision, to the more complex ones that become expensive and impractical in their daily application. The measurement model proposed by the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) instrument seeks to achieve a balance between cost, precision and complexity, allowing industrial and technology service providers (PST) to know the amount of savings a project can generate.

The ESI Program, through its innovative approach, overcomes the barriers to investment in energy efficiency through the implementation of risk mitigation instruments.

This webinar will explain the philosophy of MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) proposed where standard protocols are incorporated as is the case of ISO 50006. It will briefly explain its philosophy and how it has been applied in the ESI scheme. An example of how an energy efficiency project is structured with this proposal and how the amount of energy savings generated, including deviations, is calculated.

The ESI program was developed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Connectivity, Markets and Finance (CMF) Division with the support of the Danish Energy Agency.

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