“Innovations in Climate Financing. Energy Savings Insurance Program (ESI).
From Theory to Practice: the case of FIRA Mexico.”


SPEAKER(S): Esteban Suarez, Adalberto Padilla and Erick Rodriguez.

DATE: 01/26/2017

TOPICS: Energy efficiency



This webinar presents the Energy Savings Insurance Program (ESI) as an innovative mechanism to overcome the barriers to investment in energy efficiency (EE) through the implementation of risk mitigation instruments. Its innovative approach is to provide an insurance product that covers projected energy savings for specifically defined and verifiable EE measures as agreed in a standard SME and technology service providers agreement. Their risk-sharing mechanisms compensate companies in the event that the promised financial flows associated with EE savings are not realized.

Energy efficiency projects (EE) are perceived as high risk due to the uncertainty of their performance caused mainly by the technology to be implemented, the experience of technological suppliers, the regulatory framework, among others. This is why the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) Program is the innovative solution that seeks, through some mechanisms to guarantee the cash flow of the EE project, thus, in the event that the financial flow associated with the energy savings initially is not fully materialized, the client/SME will be compensated monetarily.

The webinar is presented by a panel of three experts with the following this agenda:

  1. Introduction and generalities of the ESI Program. (10 mins)
  2. Methodological Framework and expectations of the program in Mexico. (15 mins)
  3. Implementation and progress status of the program in FIRA. (15 mins)
  4. Q&A session (10 mins).


The following is a brief summary of the experience of the panelists, organized according to the agenda:

  • Esteban Suárez, a professional with more than 15 years of executive and technical experience in energy and technology, has carried out postgraduate studies in energy systems, international business management and electronic engineering and is currently Regional Coordinator of the ESI Program for the IDB in Washington DC.
  • Adalberto Padilla, Systems Engineer with postgraduate in Business and Innovation. His professional experience has been around Development Bank for more than 20 years structuring financing programs. During the last 6 years he has been involved in energy efficiency projects and has been the promoter of the ESCO model in Mexico.
  • Erick Rodríguez, Economist with higher studies in sustainability with more than 10 years of experience in development institutions in Mexico. Currently, he is a specialist in the Environment for FIRA and one of his main responsibilities is to implement the Energy Efficiency Program.


For more information about FIRA and other projects under development with the ESI Program, please visit the following link: www.greenfinancelac.org/esi

To view the projects map please visit the ESI Project Maps: www.greenfinancelac.org/projects-map/



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