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Ministry of Finance publishes its first Sustainable Bond Framework
11/04/2020 Since 11 months

The Ministry of Finance reported that its “Sustainable Bond Framework”received a favorable appraisal in the external evaluation (Second Party Opinion), in line with the international best practices, which will allow to issue Social, Green and/or Sustainable Bonds.
This new Framework updates and expands the Green Bond Framework published by the Ministry of Finance in 2019.

The development of the “Sustainable Bond Framework” and the selection of the portfolio is the result of a work led by the Ministry of Finance with the valuable support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The following eligible project categories have been included in the new Framework for funding:

Green Categories
• Clean transport.
• Energy efficiency
• Renewable energy
• Natural resources, land use, and marine protected areas
• Efficient and climate-resilient management of water resources
• Green buildings (sustainable)

Social Categories
• Access to basic housing
• Access to education
• Food security
• Access to essential health services
• Programmes designed to prevent and/or alleviate the effects of socio-economic crises, including the potential effect of SME and microfinance financing

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