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Rio de Janeiro becomes first South American financial centre to join FC4S
10/09/2020 Since 11 months

Representing Brazil’s public and private sector financial services sector actors, today Brazil’s Laboratory of Financial Innovation (LAB) joined the International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) to become the network’s first South American member. As the 31st member of FC4S, LAB joins financial centres who collectively manage 80% of global equity markets, representing $61.3 trillion in equity market capitalization.
Working with FC4S LAB proposes to go beyond a space of knowledge production and will promote the structuring and piloting of new financial products, using research, analysis and the technical prowess of its participants. To this end, LAB and FC4S will work together to analyze innovative instruments and good local and international practices that can be replicated by the Brazilian financial (public and private) institutions, as well structure solutions that increase the efficiency of the resources of impact investors.

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