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The State of Green Banks, a Global Movement in the Making
11/13/2020 Since 10 months

The State of Green Banks 2020 report was launched at the Finance in Common Summit on November 11th, during a panel titled “State of Green Banks 2020: a Global Movement in the Making.”

Around the world, a growing number of countries are exploring green banks—financial institutions or facilities dedicated to accelerating the shift to a sustainable economy. State of Green Banks 2020 is the first aggregation and analysis of this activity, based on novel data collected from existing and emerging green banks in mid-2020. Although green banks are well established in some countries, and over two dozen countries are actively exploring the model, until now there hasn’t been a singular source of information about existing green banks and the progress of new institutions.


The report is available for download here.

This post is also available in: Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

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